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This might be your lucky day… Because The Grow Your Salon Fast Show is the podcast for salon owners. Every week, Kat & Vegard give you revitalising stories and drops of knowledge about the salon industry. Sign up in the box below and start listening.

  1. You struggle with fierce competition, lack of sleep and a constant worry about the future
  2. You’re scraping by or even doing OK, but want to grow your salon further
  3. You’re doing quite all right, but don’t know where to go from here

Either way, this might just be your lucky day, because The Grow Your Salon Fast Show isĀ the podcast for salon owners. Small or large, struggling or prospering, on this show you’ll be infused with weekly drops of Kat & Vegard’s revitalising knowledge about business, the salon industry, and how to make your business work for you and not the other way around.

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The show and associated content may offend. The hosts don’t care. This show is NOT for sensitive snowflakes, precious flowers or if you think your business is different. However, if you have a thick skin and are willing to ruffle a few feathers, be prepared for some mind-blowing shit that will boost your profits.