Breakthrough Call

Hi there,

You probably landed here because you heard us talking about the Breakthrough Call on the podcast… or simply snooped around our website.

Either way is fine. We don’t judge (much).

Right here, right now, you can book a Breakthrough Call with Kat or Vegard.

A Breakthrough Call is for people who’ve decided to take action and grow their business in record time. By clicking one of the buttons below and following the simple on-screen instructions, you can book a slot with either one of us.

So… Which one? Kat or Vegard?

Tough choice, huh? Luckily, we’ve made it simple for you:

If you’re outside Scandinavia and/or don’t speak one of the Scandinavian languages, you’d normally book with Kat:

Book a Breakthrough Call with Kat

If you’re in or have a natural bond to one of the Scandianavian countries, trade mainly in that corner of the world or speak one of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish) you’d book Vegard:

Book a Breakthrough Call with Vegard

Let’s get you some fantastic results – book your Breakthrough Call now.