The Salon Survey

Hi there,

We’re currently doing a little survey to help us understand salon owners better.

If you own or run a salon and have 7 minutes, would you mind contributing?

Here’s the form – thanks!

  • Totally disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeTotally agreeDon't know / not relevant
    I find most of what I do interesting
    I could perform much better
    I should work less
    I should work harder
    The people around me (employees/colleagues) are proficient
    There's a good atmosphere amongst the staff
    The staff understand what's important
    We have too few customers and clients
    We have too many customers and clients
    The tempo and work load are adequate
    We're good at marketing and selling
    Selling products and services to the customers is easy
    I'm satisfied with our turnover and profits
    I'm satisfied with my salary/wage and/or dividends
    I feel alone
    I sleep well at night
    We always pay our bills on time
    We have to get more customers
    We have to become better at marketing and sales
    All things considered I'm happy with my salon
  • Monthly/yearly salaryPer hour (wage)CommissionCombination of salary/wage and commissionPart of their incomeDon't know / not relevant
    Sole Traders (renting chair/room)
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